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The neutron scatterer is a person being able to carry out research, basic and applied, using the powerful tool NEUTRON.
He is able to do this by himself.
He can solve preformulated problems.
He can find new problems, adequate to his technique, and solve them as far as a solution is possible.
He interacs with collegues, both from his group and external co workers.

The neutron scatterer is looking forward.
He loves his work which does not seem to be work to him - it is art.
He is an idealist but is closely connected to reality.
He is a scientist but has not lost the connection to practical application.
He lives in spirit but cares also for technical details.

He is self - satisfied and strong in his mind but also works together with others in a team, helping and understanding.
He keeps his mind open to every new idea sharply distinguishing, however, between science and pseudo science.
He is always going on.
He never reaches a final state.
He is constantly getting deeper in his understanding, keener in his point of view, clearer in his knowledge of the surrounding world.

The neutron scatterer admires science to be the basic key for understanding the universe.
And that's what he longes for.
He has listened to the sound of the spheres.
He has seen the miracles of nature.
And yet he knows that science is made for men and not men for science.

The neutron scatterer lives in this world but longes for eternity.
A discovered result means more for him, much more, than all the gold of this world.
He seems to be happy and content, but an inner voice is constantly driving him on and up.
The neutron scatterer goes upward.
He is constantly going upward.

He walks toward perfection.
He is walking upward,
with the heart of a father
in the shoes of a servant
and the dignity of a king.

By : Dr. Klaus Werner
From : Seminar On Neutron Scattering, KFA J√úLICH Gm.bH. - BATAN
Bandung from June 23, 1986 till July 03, 1986
Part. : Wijono Agung R.

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