Rabu, 18 Maret 2009



"O brothers, these sad stones no longer !
Rather raise we now our voices,
And joyful be our song !"

Joy, thou spark from flame immortal
Daughter of Elysium !
Drunk with fire, heav'n born Goddess,
We invade thy halidom !

Let thy magic bring together
All whom earth-born laws divide ;
All mankind shall be as brothers
'Neath thy tender wings and wide.

He that's had that best good fortune,
To his friend a friend to be,
He that's won a noble woman,
Let him join our Jubilee !
Ay, and who a single other
Soul on earth can call his own ;
But let him who ne'er achieved it
Steal away in tears alone.

Joy doth every living creature
Draw from Nature's ample breast ;
All the good and all the evil
Follow on her roseale quest.
Kisses doth she give, and vintage,
Friends who firm in death have stood ;
Joy of live the worm receiveth,
And the Angels dwell with God !

Glad as burning suns that glorious
Through the heavenly spaces sway,
Haste ye brothers, on your way,
Joyous as a knight victorious.

Love to countless millions swelling,
Wafts one kiss to all the world !
Surely, o'er yon stars unfurl'd,
Some kind Father has his dwelling !

Fall ye prostrate, O ye millions !
Dost thy Maker feel, O world ?
Seek Him o'er yon stars unfurl'd,
O'er the stars rise His pavilions !

Wijono Agung Rachmaningrum

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